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Cycling Workouts for Triathlon Speed Improvement

Welcome to our guide on cycling workouts for triathlon speed improvement. If you’re looking to take your triathlon performance to the next level, incorporating targeted cycling workouts into your training plan is crucial. In this article, we’ll share expert insights and training sets that will help you enhance your cycling abilities and optimize your overall triathlon performance.

Key Takeaways:

  • Coach Gordo Byrn provides three cycling sets that address common limiters in athletes.
  • These workouts include Big Gear Intervals, 12/3s, and Lactate Threshold Intervals.
  • Each workout has specific instructions and target cadences or heart rate zones.
  • Long course triathlon events require specific bike workouts for race execution skills.
  • Essential bike workouts for 70.3 triathlon include pacing and fueling execution, over-endurance and race specificity, and finding and proving race pace.

Essential Bike Workouts for 70.3 Triathlon

Long course triathlon events, such as the 70.3 and iron-distance races, demand a solid skillset in race execution and a thorough understanding of tempo effort levels. To excel in these races, it is crucial to incorporate specific bike workouts into your training regimen.

Here are three essential bike workouts designed specifically for 70.3 triathlons:

  1. Pacing and Fueling Execution Workout

    This workout focuses on developing the ability to maintain a consistent pace throughout the bike leg while effectively managing fueling strategies. By honing your pacing skills and dialing in your nutrition plan, you’ll be better prepared to maintain energy levels and avoid bonking during the race.

  2. Over-Endurance and Race Specificity Workout

    This workout targets building muscular endurance and race-specific intensity. By pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone and performing sustained efforts at race pace, you’ll improve your ability to handle the demands of a 70.3 triathlon.

  3. Finding and Proving Race Pace Workout

    In this workout, the focus is on finding your ideal race pace and gaining confidence in sustaining it. By performing intervals at your target race pace, you’ll develop the mental and physical resilience needed to tackle the bike leg of a 70.3 triathlon.

These bike workouts offer targeted intensities and durations that mirror the unique demands of a 70.3 triathlon. Incorporating them into your triathlon training program will help optimize your performance on race day.

Nutrition Tip: Hydration and Fueling

“During longer races like a 70.3 triathlon, it’s vital to maintain proper hydration and fueling strategies. Practice your nutrition plan during training to ensure you can comfortably consume the necessary calories and fluids while on the bike.”

Now that you have a better understanding of the essential bike workouts for a 70.3 triathlon, let’s explore the importance of training types in triathlon bike training in the next section.

The Importance of Training Types in Triathlon Bike Training

Correct training for the bike portion of a triathlon is crucial to achieving optimal performance, and it largely depends on the specific distance of the race. To help triathletes train effectively, the TRIQ app offers nine essential training types specifically designed for triathlon bike training.

These training types cover a wide range of workouts, catering to different aspects of bike training for various race distances. Some of the training types included are recovery workouts, endurance rides, lactate threshold intervals, and anaerobic capacity/speed workouts.

Each training type is carefully tailored to address the physiological demands of different race distances, ensuring that athletes can optimize their bike training and improve their overall race day performance. Moreover, the TRIQ app allows athletes to personalize their training based on their athletic level, further enhancing the effectiveness of their workouts.

By understanding the importance of exercise intensity and using specific training types, triathletes can develop a well-rounded training program that targets their strengths and weaknesses. This comprehensive approach to bike training will not only enhance their cycling performance but also contribute to their success in the overall triathlon challenge.


What are some cycling workouts that can improve speed in triathlon?

Coach Gordo Byrn recommends three specific cycling sets – Big Gear Intervals, 12/3s, and Lactate Threshold Intervals – to address common limitations and improve performance in triathlon. Each workout has specific instructions and target cadences or heart rate zones to optimize results.

What are the essential bike workouts for a 70.3 triathlon?

The three essential bike workouts for a 70.3 triathlon are a pacing and fueling execution workout, an over-endurance and race specificity workout, and a workout to find and prove race pace. These workouts focus on specific intensities and durations to prepare athletes for the unique demands of the bike portion of a 70.3 triathlon.

Why are training types important in triathlon bike training?

Training types play a crucial role in optimizing triathlon bike training. With the TRIQ app, athletes have access to nine important training types tailored to the physiological demands of different race distances. These training types range from recovery workouts to anaerobic capacity/speed workouts and can be personalized based on an individual’s athletic level, helping them improve their race day performance.

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